New Year Eve Reflection

It’s the last night of 2011 and what a year it has been! 2011 brought with it many gifts, tiny tragedies, anxiety, laughter and soul-searching. 2011 was a year in the life. Did I appreciate it? Did I take the time to fully experience each moment? Did I squeeze each molecule of energy out of every second before allowing it to slip away? Perhaps :/  Like many of you, I look forward to the start of a new year. I seek renewal, reinvest in hope, and resolve to improve myself in one way or another.  If the world does not end in 2012, I have two things I’d like to accomplish.

First up, is to adopt and maintain a more positive outlook. Easier said than done. I have never been one to compare myself to others. However, as of late it seems that I am set on pause while my peers are fast-forwarding through the milestones dictated by Western culture. While my heart is full of joy for them, I cannot help but wonder – philosophically- what I am waiting for? Why haven’t I moved on the projects cluttering my mind?

In reality, I am waiting for the federal organization that hired my husband (over two years ago) to get it together, so we can plant some roots! Stability is what I seek, but unfortunately I have no power in this case. We are literally at the mercy of The Man.  So, for 2012 I will embrace our instability as freedom.

With freedom comes adventure. My husband and I have a unique situation. We are both employed but neither of us is nailed to a 9-5 job–until that federal organization calls! SO, a cross-country road trip may be checked off our bucket list at the end of spring semester. “Baby, let’s take off for a month or two, load our basset hound and all of our crap into a minibus and head out to California!”  It seems crazy but Europeans do it all the time! We’re in the perfect position to go, so what’s stopping us?

I’ll tell you what’s stopping us. A dismal, repressed sense of adventure and the conditioned need for a brick & mortar existence. 2012 = renewed sense of adventure. Someone pass me a sledgehammer because I’m bustin’ out!

Happy New Year to all!